2017 Trapper Snowboards Splitboard Trout Trap 155

TRAPPER Snowboards 2017 season Trout Trap 155 powsurfer, handcrafted in Revelstoke.

The splitboard is in excellent condition, has been out touring only few times and is fully tuned and waxed.

I‘m only letting it go, since I want a more longer all-mountain board.



Running Length (mm) 1210
Nose Width (mm) 302
Tail Width (mm) 294
Waist Width (mm) 256
Sidecut Radius (mm) 8800
Setback (mm) 20

Generally size down for the Trout Trap, approximately 3-6cm shorter than your typical board.

The Trout Trap is designed to surf powder. It provides balanced float along it’s length rather than relying on a sinking tail to keep the nose up. This creates a board that is highly maneuverable and carries as much speed as possible through all terrain. This means bigger pow slashes, more face shots, and no getting stuck in the flats. It’s a go to board in the quiver for any fresh days or for seeking out and destroying your favorite pow stashes. For those that surf water in its liquid state, this board is a true translation of a fish surfboard; extra float, short, nimble, and generates plenty of down the line speed. Catch more waves on the Trout Trap! The Trout Trap best suits riders looking to add a powder board to their quiver or the lucky rider that only rides pow.

Long broad tip provides a large surface for floatation and climb in soft snow while maintaining a slightly shorter running length for improved maneuverability in all conditions. The flat square tail has very minimal rise for added stability, control, and predictability. The flat tail uses hydrodynamic principles to maximize float and speed in powder, similar to a power boat planing on water. The tail does not sink like heavily tapered or swallowtail boards. A moderate sidecut radius maintains some surface area underfoot while still providing a nimble sidecut radius for carving groomers between stashes.

Light camber underfoot maintains edge pressure, pop and stability. Light rocker in the nose for added float and turn initiation in soft snow. Slight early rise rocker near the rear contact point to improve maneuverability but maintain power. The minimal rockers maintain excellent edge hold in all conditions and increase speed through slow sections.

Flex profile:
Powder flex nose and tail. Progressive flex in the nose compliments the light rocker for un-compromised float and carving in powder. A moderate tail flex pattern balances stability with powder performance to optimize the surf like feel.

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Preis: VB: 549,-€

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